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Welcome to HealthEcology®

Each person is unique in their finger prints, energy field and the way they process stress. At HealthEcology each person is treated as an individual. We have a full spectrum of techniques to clear and balance the mind, body and spirit.

Natural healing is painless and gentle enough for infants to elderly. Pre and post natal, medical and dental surgery, intervention and restoration benefit immediately.

Each session is designed specifically for maximum benefit and comfort. The concept of ‘no pain, no gain’ is insane. The body has the innate ability to maintain homeostasis, or perfect balance, when we are considerate of our diet, stress and lifestyle.

Why is holistic health so important? Stress in the mind, body or spirit can lead to chronic disorders. Minor aches and pains drain the body of valuable vitamins and minerals creating imbalances in the electrical field. The PH in the tissues/organs will not be able to carry a charge, and just like a car battery, will case to function properly. We then crave simple carbohydrates, sugar and high protein diets for comfort. The comfort food cycle over a period of time will destroy healthy tissue. BioMagnetic kinesiology is designed to clear conflict energy from head to toe. Toxic material, such as bad bacteria, fungus, parasites, yeast can live for years undetected and trapped at the cellular/energetic level.

Real social security is based on wellness, for the individual, the family and the environmental.

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