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Monday September 27, 2010

Fall 2010 Newsletter

October shimmers with its opal energy. Rule of thumb, buy your own opal, it will make it a very powerful personal tool for spiritual growth. We are like opals, multi dimensional, flowing in our own streams of radiance. We will want to continue our in-depth inspection of the mysterious unconscious, just wait, save that for next month. This month, we celebrate! That's right; Libra equals justice, balance and creating a loving reality. Equal time for self, partner, work , play, elders, neighbors, children, art, exercise, all aspects of life. Much like a tree grows in all directions to be complete. The tree would look pretty funny if it grew only in one direction with all growth on one side. Beautify your world, your thoughts; elevate the family atom with cheerful blessings, verbal and non verbal. Treat every moment like the unique pulse of light force that it really is. Embrace this time in history; bring the spirit of love to the collective universal consciousness! Complete the month of energy celebration with a trick or treat party, as it is Gaia's birthday! When the veil between the visible and invisible worlds open, Mother Earth and her children exchange the gift of their presence..

November begins with a twist of fate. The intense dreams just keep coming, and the exciting new people just keep appearing in your life! Go with the flow, which is the motto of Scorpius. This month is all about water. Water is able to hold the Holy Spirit. Water and air both channel Holy Spirit., two very important elements in our life. When we bless our food, it becomes holy, whole, and complete. Meditation will enable you to master those random thoughts that keep you from being completely empowered this month. If you are looking for even more thrills, try star gazing. Learn about the heavens, the constellations and their mythology. You might desire to take a trip or visit relatives, so do it! All month is geared for traveling! If you cannot get away, go for a hike or horseback riding, even indoor rock climbing. Yoga is a quiet gentle technique that is useful to stay healthy and the more flexible the spine, the younger the mind. You can be 15 years old with a stiff spine and feel like 60 or you can be 60 with a flexible spine and feel 15. Get the idea? You have total control over your world, grab it with both hands and enjoy the ride!

December is abounding with more plans and productions. Keep the pace by practicing all the new simple techniques you have learned this year. When you can breathe deeply, chew slowly and love whole heartedly, you know you have had a super successful year! Creative thinking, living and learning opened the doors for you in the year of the number three. Three is about laughing and communicating and being creative with your life. The number three and its creative energy will continue to be around for some time, as we are now in the Twenty First Century! Two plus one equals three. This vibration will upgrade the future; you can refuse the energy and create drama. We make the choice and the choice becomes our reality. Steady and sure, friendly and fun, good communicator and listener, with these skills, you will live well now and in the future! Last thought for this year, find your treasure in being sure of who you are, and your path will unfold before you, like a magic carpet...

Mercury Retrograde

December 10, 2010 until December 30, 2010