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Monday June 28, 2010

Summer 2010 Newsletter

In June, seeing the 'big' picture will be easy, and you will be able to love every minute of it! A lot of energy will be moving through the critical mind and this can disturb the digestive process, so make sure you have that 'peaceful, easy feeling' about your life. More fiber will also help to create a healthy, happy attitude. This month is great for new adventures in business innovation and having fun while you upgrade your life! Due to the cycle we are in right now, double check all agreements, appointments and legal contracts, as sudden unexpected changes occur in this area. Relationships are too emotional, so forgive others and ask to be forgiven; the politics of love are going through a cleansing period, even if it is your best friend. Breathe your way to bliss...

The July energy is all about nourishing the emotional body. We often think about our home, diet and habits, but how do you feel about your life. Often we will think over our feelings, causing the hurt or joy to be over looked. Now is the time for you to give equal time to the mental body and emotional body. Imagine the mental, thinking self as your male self and the feeling, gentle self as the female side of your brain. Whole brain occurs when the hemispheres balance. This balance or unified energy will bring about health, wealth, creativity and extra sensory perception! About mid month you will want to drink distilled water for about a week, this will flush the kidneys. You might be flushing unwanted negative energy out of your friendship circle too. With four slow moving planets going retrograde until November you will want to work on yourself, the home, and life style for sweet success!

August shines brightly on the heart chakra. This energy center requires attention when you get stressed, become sad or feel a lack of love. In June, we practiced breathing and purged the lungs. July asked that we clear our 'gut level feelings' and the kidneys. Now, August will trigger all of the issues in the tissues of your fourth chakra, the heart. Remember, the heart has two areas, the above heart and the below heart. The Thymus gland is considered the above heart, thy will must be done or Thymus. This is the 'emotional heart' of the Spiritual self. It is the eighth chakra, green in color and it can reflect itself through the fourth chakra, causing the heart chakra to appear as the color green in the aura. The fourth chakra is the physical heart and it is crystal clear. It is not unusual for the eighth chakra or emotional heart to shine through the fourth chakra and cause it to appear green. When this occurs, the result is conditional love. Conditional love means conditions on the love, conditions on the heart. Cleanse the issues in the tissues, purge the 'I love you but, or I love you if, and I love you when'. Crystal clear love is unconditional. No buts, if's or because. Compatible energy is harmonious due to the thoughts and feelings connecting on the inside. This applies to the relationship you have within yourself! Love, like charity begins with the self..

Mercury Retrograde

August 20, 2010 until September 12, 2010